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Jim Sabellico, J. Louis Technology
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Mladen Dejanovic, Lifted Outcome

It’s no surprise that the consumer’s behaviour has shifted towards becoming more online driven. Nowadays, for a business to succeed and thrive, its efforts must  be focused on building a strong online presence in their market.  By controlling the visibility and positioning of your company, you facilitate the customer’s passage to your website and business location.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an invaluable asset for any organization to increase its exposure because virtually all consumers are now using search engines to find information on products and service providers. All businesses must embrace these changes and understand the importance of getting first page rankings for profitable search terms on Google.

As each minute passes by, your competition is capitalizing on this traffic and is taking away all of your potential clientele and revenue.  Allot is at stake therefore it’s crucial that you’re extremely diligent when choosing the best SEO company to do business with.

To help you better understand the selection process , we have summarized several factors to consider when choosing the most effective SEO company to partner up with.

1. Size and Nature of Your Business
It is important to note that the type of business you’re in and the size of the market will be one of the deciding factors in determining the marketing strategies to follow and the fees charged by the SEO company. The strategies implemented in a Search Engine Optimization campaign must vary from business to business . And using the same approach as all other businesses in your industry can have a detrimental impact on your company’s success.  3AM Premier SEO tailors its strategies based on the online behaviour of your potential consumers to ensure we capture as many leads as possible.

2. OnPage and Keyword Analysis
The structure of your website and the content created for it will significantly affect the process Google uses to rank each page of your site for different keywords. It is essential that you optimize the keywords on your website to rank for the most profitable one’s used by your customers during their online searches. 3AM Premier SEO will perform an in depth keyword analysis to determine the most viable options for your business. We will then analyze your content and suggest the best ways to incorporate the keywords to ensure that each page is ranking according to plan. To facilitate your tracking process, a detailed report demonstrating the keywords, their rankings and the amount of traffic generated will be provided on a continuous basis.

3. Link Building Strategies
It is essential that your link building strategies are congruent with your short term and long term goals. An SEO company must not only consider the best keywords to rank for now for but must also build a system that will improve your websites rankings in the long run. To do so, the search engine optimization specialist must understand the different parameters used by search engines and consider all the variables when building links to your website. 3AM Premier SEO will analyze your current linking structure and recommend ways to improve it based on your goals. We will build a structure that will continuously drive more sustainable leads to your business.

4. Quality of the work
It takes allot of resources to determine the best keywords and linking strategies to implement in any business. The SEO specialist has to find high ranking keywords that generate allot of traffic and the competition is low. They must also incorporate these searches in their link building strategy and assess which approach is the best for a specific client. The SEO expert will charge a reasonable price for their high quality service so be aware of SEO companies that offer large bargain prices as the quality of their work can harm your business.

5. Customer Service
You are putting allot of trust in the SEO comapany you decide to partner up with so it’s extremely important to know that they will be constantly available when any questions or concerns arise. The best search engine specialists should also be able to anticipate most of these and provide expert advice when something out of the ordinary occurs such as a new opportunity to capitalize on. Ultimately, the SEO company should be in full control to allow you to focus your time on other projects that will grow your business.

You should consider all of these factors and use them as a starting point in your search for the best SEO agency out there.

By not having your business rank on the first page of Google for the products and services you offer, you’re allowing your competiton to steal your revenue every single day. The opportunity cost is too high considering the large percentage of people that use this platform to find the products and services you offer. Search engines have replaced the outdated phonebook and virtually all of your consumers have access to Google.

We can help you recapture these leads by properly optmizing your site and developping the best linking strategies for your business so you can dominate your competition. We would like to offer you a free consultation and competition analysis to provide different options on how you can improve your business’ online presence in the search engines.

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