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As a business owner, it is necessary to be on top of all your business’s marketing efforts, which should also include search engine optimization. It is essential to understand the importance of Calgary SEO because the business landscape gets more competitive with each passing day and this internet marketing approach will help you stay ahead of the competition in Calgary, Alberta. New businesses spring up in your industry all the time, which means you have to compete against more competitors there is it crucial to have systems in place that will continue to drive organic traffic to your business.

Calgary SEO services will allow you expand your online reach and drive more qualified traffic to your business. By improving your search visibility, you can stay ahead of the curve and get a bigger share of your target market. With countless internet marketing companies all promising to take you to the top of Google, how can you make sure you choose correctly? Here are some of the most important considerations when hiring the best SEO in Calgary.

Go Beyond Rankings

It’s common advice for business owners looking to hire to check whether they rank number one on Google. After all, if they rank on top of the search listings for their target keyword, they should be able to do the same for you. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s important to understand that there are plenty of factors that influence where a web page gets placed in the results pages. It’s possible for Calgary SEO agency to reach number one for a temporary amount of time simply because they spammed their website. For this reason, it’s essential to look at other factors that give a clearer picture of what a SEO specialists can do for you.

Check On and Off-Site Elements

Instead of focusing on rankings, you must take the time to browse their website and check the different on-site elements. For one, read their content and see whether it is well crafted. You must also check whether their website loads quickly and offers great user experience. This is a good way to determine whether the company practices what they preach.

Outside of the on-page factors to evaluate, it is extremely important to assess their online brand and how they have branded their business in the search engines. This includes looking at their testimonials, reviews and any other relevant factor that could give more information on their online reputation in Alberta.

Verify Pricing Options

Most SEO firms in Calgary offer different pricing options to accommodate the varying needs of clients. It’s a good idea to engage in a one-time project just to get an idea of the kind of work the company does and how they meet desired outcomes. Watch out for packages such as “10 keywords for $500.” Any company that offers such a package should be taken off your shortlist. It is impossible to provide a cookie cutter solution for every business because each website is completely different. Take the time frame for example. Everything else equal, if a website is brand new, it will take a lot more time to build its authority versus a site that has several years of age.

Also, remember to get a free estimate that details the exact services you will receive. This should include a proposal and some form of analysis that will explain what has to be accomplished to rank your website for the targeted keywords.

Also, if the internet marketing agency has not been recommended by none of your peers, it is highly recommended to avoid starting with the largest package they offer. Gain their trust and determine their ability to rank in the search engines with a smaller campaign before looking into any other SEO package.

Say No To Outsourcing

Never assume that the company does all of their services in-house. There are plenty of digital media agencies in Calgary that outsource their search marketing work and then charge a premium. Make sure to ask whether they outsource any of the services they offer. This includes content creation and link building. While you’re at it, ask about the kind of experience and expertise of their in-house employees. This should help you decide whether they can provide the kind of services you are looking for.

Identify Link Building Methods

Even if you know very little about SEO and how the search engines work, you have probably heard that links play an important role in increasing your organic rankings. This is why SEO companies focus on link building techniques to build your website’s authority. Many of them, however, use shady tactics to build as many links as possible within a short time period. While this can work for the short term, this isn’t something you want to use on your website if your intention is to drive sustainable organic traffic to your business. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting your website removed from the search index which simply means that it will no longer be listed in the search engines.

In terms of the number of links to build, this all depends on your competition, the current state of your website and its backlink portfolio. Therefore, the number of links required will vary from case to case. However, always focus on the relevancy of the link instead of the quantity when evaluating them for SEO purposes.

Ask About SEO Tools

The leading SEO agencies equip themselves with several tools to carry out their services in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Ask what SEO software they have in their arsenal. If all they have are automated tools for link building and content creation, this should raise a red flag. See whether they use any kind of software to monitor the performance of your website and optimize conversions. Finally, although these types of tools can provide valuable information, they cannot be depended upon for numerous reasons such as website owners hiding some of their links.

Analyze Monthly Reports

As a business owner, you don’t want to invest in SEO blindly. You will want to see whether you’re getting the results you expect. This is why you should check whether the company you plan on hiring provides regular reports. See what goes into their reports and ask them to include any additional information you need. They should also offer continuous consultation throughout the campaign to ensure that all of your current marketing efforts are in line with your campaign.

After following these tips, you will find yourself working with Calgary SEO that genuinely cares about your business. The last thing you want is for the company to treat you as just another client. By building a strong relationship with the company, you can feel more confident in reaching the top spot and holding on to your rankings for years to come.

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