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Search engine optimization offers a number of benefits to businesses’ and the most common is economic growth. It is important that business owners understand these benefits as it will help them understand the importance of having a campaign implemented in your marketing strategy with Ottawa SEO.

Below are some of the advantages that your business will be able to experience with our SEO Company in Ottawa, Ontario:

Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

The immediate benefit of search engine optimization is that your search engine rankings will increase as a result of your link building efforts.  This is the reason why most websites will look at search marketing as a marketing strategy to expand their customer base and to keep their pipeline full. When your search engine rankings increase, the visibility of the website also increases because you are acquiring the digital real estate that is relevant to your business.  In this real estate, people are actively looking for the services or products that you are offering. An increased visibility brings an increase amount in traffic and this will lead to more qualified leads and new customers at the end of your campaign.

There are some people who forgo this online marketing strategy and focus more on paid advertising to get traffic.  However, research has shown that 64% of all website visits actually come from organic searches.  Paid searches only represent 6% of website visits.  If you do not focus on getting Ottawa SEO Services, you could be losing a lot of potential visitors.

Another important factor to consider when choosing between paid or organic results is the level of dependancy that is created. A good analogy is that with paid advertising, you are building your home on someone else’s property and if your campaign get penalized or your account gets closed down, your entire pipeline is now empty. However, with organic listings, you have earned that positionning or rankings and the leads will keep on coming as long as you remain at the top.

A Better User Experience

In order to have a good marketing strategy in Ottawa, you need to know what the search engines look for and one of the criteria is a good user experience.  When you optimize your website, you will also increase the user experience which can result in higher conversion rates.  If your website is user-friendly, the customer is also more likely to come back which will in turn increase purchases and your brand loyalty.

A very important component of user experience is wether your website is mobile responsive and friendly. As the number of consumers that are using their mobile devices to find business online continues to increase, this factor will continue to be an important ranking metric therefore it is extremely important to ensure that your website is compatible with mobile devices and that the mobile version is tailored to mobile user needs.

Leads Have Higher Close Rates

To make money with your website, you need to think about the conversion rates of the traffic that you get.  A study into close rates found the leads generated by the best Ottawa SEO practices have a close rate of 14.6%.  This was compared to the close rates of outbound leads which were only 1.7%.  This is a logical conclusion because the leads generated will be people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. Also, because of the trust consumers have placed on Google, when they find your business on the first page, they assume that it provides high quality services simply because Google has decided to put the business on the first page.

Finally, another factor that increases the likelihood of closing a deal is that when people are searching for the product or service, they are most likely already in the buying phase when making a specific query about the product or service which also contributes to the increased conversion rate from your Ottawa internet marketing efforts.

Increase Your Mobile Visitors

As discussed above, mobile traffic is increasing with more people looking for information on their phones and tablets.  Good Ottawa SEO practices will help you attract these users and this is very important for your sales.  According to Google, half of the consumers who performed mobile searches for local stores would visit the store on the same day.  These searches were also found to lead to higher sales as 18% of local searches led to a sale within 1 day.

Mobile users are also more likely to complete impulse buys if they can.  This could be a high conversion market that you are missing out on by not having an optimized website.

Increase Your Authority In The Market

A website that is ranked on the first page of the search engine results will have greater authority than one ranked on the third page.  While this might not always be true, consumers trust that the search engines will only put authority sites on their first page.  By ranking on the first page in any city in Ontario, you increase the trust that your consumers will have because they believe you to be an authority in the market.

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